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Time for a change: Does this resonate with you???

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Why is it very hard to change any habit?/ why is it challenging to Start something new in life?

Is it because of No motivation or lack of Knowledge?

Or no interest in taking up a new challenge or matter of fact, don’t want to accept any challenges?

Or thinking I have taken enough challenges in life already and don’t want to take up any new challenges?

Or thinking my life is perfect and there is no need to change anything?

Or thinking this is too small for me, or will I do something big/new that I would like it to come in the future?

Or thinking, Am I physically/mentally fit to do it?

Or am I doubting my capabilities/inner strength?

Are we looking out how to get motivation?

Or do I think one big day or “Aha” moment will come into my life and everything will change Suddenly?

/Are we trying to avoid doing hard things in life?

Or what magic will happen if I change my habit suddenly or gradually?

Or settling for whatever we have is enough to think our life is good?

I think that coming this far in life is more than enough.

Or Very fortunate or very lucky to come here?

Fear of losing what I have if I change my habits?

Have I achieved enough in life, no need to change anything?

Or is it Ego stopping us from changing anything in life? By thinking, why do I need to change anything?

Or do I like how others like me this way? Then, if I change, they may not like me or not be part of my life anymore.

Am I not thinking or overthinking about it and forgetting to put it into action?

Or were we thinking of starting from tomorrow every single day? Or we kept on defending ourselves? Why are we not doing it or started earlier?

Or Thinking we have enough control over our life now and don’t want to lose control?

Or think we have so much time; why start now or think this is not the right time to change/ do it?

Or are we just lazy to change anything?

Or a combination of Laziness, Ego, doubt, No motivation, and fear together?

Or thinking these are for somebody else, not for me?

Or is your Brain simply controlling you and saying to you, I like the routine you set for yourself, now I don’t want to change it?

Or have we become addicted to our old habits?

Or we like to see the results immediately instead of trusting the process?

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