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Offers free services for Youth, Athletes, and Adult groups.

My Vision is to reach as many people as possible to help them find their fullest potential and passion for life. 

My mission is to transform people's lives by helping them work toward the best version of themselves, find their life's purpose, and start living it. We will be one big team working together to change our lives and impact the people around us.


About Me

I've been exploring all aspects of life, and it's been an exciting journey and a great learning experience, from growing up in a rural village in India, earning a bachelor's degree in a city, and moving to the United States. As a result, I've learned more than ever about the world around me. I was born into a family where most of our ancestors were farmers. Growing up, we were taught never to take what belongs to others without giving something back. So I was raised—to be kind and generous and always consider the needs of others before my own, how to be a good person and make good decisions, but they also let me know that it was okay if sometimes I didn't want to go along with the crowd. They let me find my own path and helped me build the confidence to take on new challenges. This helped me grow up with solid values: service, respect for others, and a desire to help others. Even with a bachelor's degree in Engineering, I have never worked in a corporate world to entirely focus on my purpose while volunteering and motivating people in the community and different organizations. I decided to have only one child to focus on my self-transformation and also help to see the self-transformation in other people's lives. 

I have been in body, mind, and soul for a lifetime. My focus is on helping others discover their passion for life. I want people to live the lives they truly want. I use the power of my past experiences to help build your confidence, courage, and personality traits to charge your life with newfound energy and enthusiasm. With your goals identified, my services can help you take control of your life and create a stable foundation for living a happy and fulfilling future with abundant purpose. Please work with me, I am Krishna, a certified life coach who provides the best opportunity.

Why Life Mentoring and Coaching

I have explored several areas in my self-transformation journey, including IT, Teacher Training, Yoga teacher training, Painting, and Meditation courses. Still, despite being good at everything I had done, I could not take it to the next level. However, my curiosity and understanding of anything made me a better person from all my training.


 We all have goals and dreams that we want to achieve in life. But achieving it is much easier said than done. I am a qualified life coach and Mentor who can help you achieve your goals and purpose. I have been a victim of my thoughts; I practiced self-discovery and learned how to overcome the mind that holds so much back from experiencing the fullness of life. It has helped me break through many walls of limitation, and now I want to help others as well.


Are you an individual or a group committed to change and to inspire and have decided to leave their mark on the world?

Please email me to work together.

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